Sorry folks, but please ignore all the hoopla across the internet the past 48 hours - 17 Agains Zac Efron is NOT going to be starring in a Back to the Future sequel nor remake despite the reports that he's a huge fan of the series and even owns his own DeLorean.

Internet rumors abound that Efron is set to replace Michael J. Fox as "Marty McFly", but the so-called quotes from Efron to appear to be taken completely out of context. The High School Musical star simply told the site that he was a big fan of the series and used to re-enact scenes from the trilogy with his friends while growing up. "Growing up, my favorite thing to do was to climb into the car and play Back to the Future," admits Efron. "I would pretend I was Marty McFly."

Bob Gale recently gave an official statement regarding BTTF sequels and remakes, so unless you read a retraction of this statement from Bob on this site, consider all rumors with a grain of salt.



La semana pasada se dejó correr la noticia que Zac Efron (o Troy Bolton, como lo prefieran), no conforme con su próxima participación en “Piratas del Caribe 4″ (y luego de bajarse de la remake de “Footlose”) ahora desea incursionar en la (hace rato) rumoreada secuela de Volver al Futuro.

Para aquellos que no lo sepan, Zac Efron es el feliz propietario de un DeLorean que le regaló su abuelo, y en una reciente entrevista a la revista Teen Hollywood mencionó su amor por la saga y que le encantaría encarnar a Marty McFly en una remake de la misma (como tirándole la onda a los Universal Studios).

Bob Gale Confirms Back To The Future 4 or a Remake?

Bob Gale writer & producer of the Back To The Future Trilogy was on the Opie and Anthony show earlier this week and was asked about a Back to the Future Remake:

Bob: "All we can do if we did that is fail... no one has said yet "we're going to make this with you guys or with out." then we would said "your crazy, go a head" all anybody is going to say is "boy they fucked it up..."

when asked bout doing a Back To The Future 4:

Bob "Get out of here, No... look we've said so many times Indiana Jones 4 is the perfect reason we don't go back to that."

O&A: Will we see BBTF: The Animated series on DVD anytime soon?

Bob: "Universal keeps saying people want it, but have no plans to release it anytime soon... just get the bootleg"

Bob also stated that Steven Spielberg stole the nuclear explosion & Indy hiding in the refrigerator from the original Back To The Future script, where the time machine was a refrigerator and had to be near a nuclear testing site.


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